Best Cannabis Products for Date Night

Kikoko Sensuali-tea

If you’re looking to add some THC to your L-O-V-E but aren’t into smoking, vaping, or taking an edible, Sensuali-tea by Kikoko may be the thing for you. Made with rose petals, an aphrodisiac that helps ease anxiety, cloves to help increase circulation (so blood is flowing to all the right places), and 7mg of THC per sachet, Sensuali-tea is sure to loosen things up a bit, leaving you ready to explore. If you’re newer to the THC game, Kikoko recommends drinking half a cup and seeing how you feel before ingesting more. 

Foria Pleasure

Ladies, this one is for you. More than just “that weed lube” you’ve heard about, Foria’s natural arousal lube with THC is formulated specifically for women. Pleasure is said to enhance tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort, and dryness. According to Foria, clients have reported enhanced access to orgasms and deeper orgasms, and honestly, we don’t need to hear any more; please just take all of our money thanks. The thing we love most about Pleasure is that it’s excellent for use with a partner or on your own, so if pandemic dating hasn’t been your thing, use some THC lube to celebrate the fact that all you need for a fantastic orgasm is yourself. 

Dosist Arouse THC Plus

The Dosist THC plus line has all the great things you love about Dosist but with higher potency cannabis. Their pen technology still measures a full 2.5mg dose at three seconds then alerts you with a slight vibration before turning off, which in the context of their Arouse pen feels kind of… saucy. Their balanced blend is designed to deliver a feeling of stimulation and clarity, leaving you open to all the sexy possibilities.

Foria Explore

Even the most eager sexual explorers may find anal sex somewhat intimidating. But if you’ve engaged in a little back-door play, you know there’s a lot of pleasure to be had while experimenting. Now, when you hear the word suppository, sex may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Foria’s Explore suppository is designed to both ease and enhance anal play (and seriously, weed for your butt? How could you NOT try it?). Whether you’re a back-door novice or consider yourself an expert, with 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD Foria Explore can help you take your date night shenanigans to a whole new level. 


If you’re more of a weed-sex traditionalist, and suppositories sound a bit daunting, never fear. There are lots of flower options that fit the bedroom-ready bill. Many strains are designed to help put you in the right mood, and lighting one up when it’s time to get down can be just as erotic. Try rolling a joint of a relaxing flower, like Bubblegum Kush, to feel a sensual buzz, or pack a bowl of a high energy strain like Sour Diesel for a rush of concentrated energy. Embrace the communal nature of smoking together as an act of foreplay and a time to connect.  

Sweet Flower Gift Cards Now Available!

At Sweet Flower, we are excited to announce the availability of our gift cards!

Not sure what to get your cannabis loving family or friend?  A Sweet Flower gift card is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys cannabis for both its medicinal and recreational benefits.  Our gift cards can be used online for pickup or delivery and one of our four Los Angeles locations.  

Cannabis and Your Wellness

THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is probably the most well-known chemical compound found in cannabis. It’s the psychoactive (meaning it affects the mind) compound that creates a euphoric feeling, helps ease pain, and encourages calm and tranquillity – in short, it gets you high and is great for socialization, inspiration, and relaxation.     

Cannabinol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound also found in cannabis. It has many therapeutic benefits like helping to reduce inflammation and anxiety. The skinny here is that it won’t get you high, but it’s excellent for pain management and can produce profoundly relaxing effects – kind of like lying on the couch, under a weighted blanket, after having just got a massage.

What is California Sober?

For some, it’s realizing that their mind and body doesn’t react to alcohol the same way that it used to. For others, it’s being more mindful about the way they treat their body and spirit. Whether you’re looking to part ways with that weekend cocktail, or simply want to expand what wellness means to you, being Cali Sober might be the way to go.

California Sober refers to someone who enjoys cannabis for both its medicinal and recreational benefits but abstains from all other substances. Why just cannabis? Besides the ability to help with anxiety, manage pain, and help with sleep issues, for many, it’s a great way to promote creativity or socially engage (and doesn’t come with a hangover the next morning). When hanging in social situations or trying to unwind after a long day, do you skip the bottle of wine and reach for a joint, vape, or other forms of cannabis? Then you might be Cali Sober.