Sweet Flower’s Cannabis Kits in Los Angeles for Every Type of High

Have you seen Sweet Flower’s new cannabis kits yet? We’ve taken all the work out of looking for the right weed products in Los Angeles when you’re searching for just the right kind of high. Our dispensary has just what you need to sleep better tonight. Or what about calming your nerves after a long day? Done and done. Our curated pot bundles feature our favorite marijuana products in easy to shop kits to make your pot stop easy and get you perfectly baked.

Calming and Relaxing Cannabis Bundle

Name: Calm Kit 

Cost: $50 

What’s Inside: 

Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies

Canndescent Calm Pre-Roll

Cosmic View 20:1 CBD 4.5ml Tincture

Why we like it: 

Heavily focused on the calming properties of CBD, this Kit isn’t focused on a heavy-hitting high but a slow and relaxing overall feel. Put a pause on stress and pick up this bundle for days when you’re over the daily grind and endless emails.



Get Better Sleep Cannabis Bundle

Name: Sleep Kit 

Cost: $50 

What’s Inside: 

Camino Midnight Blueberry CBN Gummies

Dosist Sleep DP100

Kikoko Tranquili-tea Pouch



Why we like it: 

Getting restful sleep isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. Whether your issue is falling asleep or staying in REM, this bundle has you covered. It’ll be easy to get high then hit the hay with a gummy, tea or dosist pen.


Help with Aches and Pain Cannabis Bundle

Name: Pain/Relief Kit 

Cost: $50 

What’s in it: 

CBD Wyld Peach 2:1 Gummies 

Papa & Barkley CBD Balm 15ml


Why we like it: 

Aches and pains are miserable for anybody. Why not try a more natural solution to heal your injury? Rub on the Papa & Barkley CBD balm and take a Wyld Peach gummy to help calm your body and make the pain dissipate.


Fun and Social Cannabis Bundle

Name: Fun Kit 

Cost: $75 

What’s in it: 

Wyld Raspberry Gummies

Sundae School Eureka Bullet Pack Pre-rolls 

CANN 6 pk



Why we like it: 

For an uplifting and social high, the Fun Kit packs everything you’ll need to enjoy your time. Sip on on cannabis tonic from CANN or share a pre-roll from Sundae School to kick off your night with friends. 


The Let’s Chill and Stay In Cannabis Bundle

Name: Get High and Stay Inside Kit 

Cost: $40 

What’s in it: 

CANN Lemon Lavender 6 pack 

Pop-Up Potcorn 

Lithouse Lemon Lava Pre-rolls 


Why we like it: 

Netflix and chill on your agenda tonight? Kick the quarantine blues and Get High and Stay Inside with all the goodies you need. Refreshing CANN Lemon Lavender tonics, Sea Salt Pop-Up Potcorn and Lithouse Lemon Lave Pre-rolls are the perfect menu for a new movie and your best quaranteam of friends.



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