It’s been a pretty wild year for the cannabis industry, with New Mexico, North Dakota, and Hawaii decriminalizing possession and Illinois joining the fray with their recreational legalization. Developments haven’t been limited to the politics of cannabis, however. With new brands, new products, and new dispensaries popping up all the time, it can be difficult to stay on top of recent trends. Whether you’re looking for edibles for anxiety, a solid workhorse cannabis vape, or just some great value pre-rolled joints, there’s always something for everyone. Let’s get into our favorite cannabis brands of 2019, and maybe you’ll find something new!

Lowell Smokes – 7 pack

With features in MaximUproxx, and even Architectural DigestLowell Farms has had its share of acclaim. Tracing their roots back to the “Indian hemp” farms of William “Bull” Lowell in 1909, it might be strange to see them on a list of brands to watch in 2019. To us, though, it simply stands as a testament to the power of a good product! The 7-packs of Lowell Smokes pre-rolled joints have an incredible degree of charm to them, and are perfect for a night with friends where you don’t want a dozen plastic joint containers strewn across the ground. Too many? They sell singles. Not enough? They’ve also got 14-packs. Giving a consumer that degree of choice in a pre-rolled package, with a rustic charm, high potency, and a great value is more than enough to qualify Lowell Farms and their Lowell Smokes pre-rolls as one of our favorite cannabis brands.


One of the newest innovations in cannabis science has been the exploration of terpenes, terpenoids, and other flavor/scent compounds that give cannabis flower its iconic taste and smell. Not only do they impart a flavor and scent, but we’re now discovering they have their own effects which may act in a synergistic fashion with THC itself. Canndescent, and brands like it, have been on the cutting edge of this science and have been able to craft strains and blends which more precisely target the specific effects a consumer might prefer. Are you looking for something to help relax? They’ve got something for you. Something to be creative? Not a problem. Something to be more social, or for an intimate encounter? They’ve got it. Done is the guessing game of whether White Lightning ‘99 x Purple Cookies will be “up” or “down” – Canndescent does that work for you. That, on top of their modern, stylish design, makes Canndescent an easy pick for our favorite cannabis brands. Keep an eye out for them at Sweet Flower dispensaries in Westwood, Arts District DTLA, Studio City, and on Melrose.



Some brands have found themselves on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry in a different fashion. Even experienced users who have been enjoying cannabis for decades might struggle to identify the proper dose when it comes to new devices and intake methods they aren’t familiar with. While this might not be a problem for younger users who are quick to pick up new technologies, a more experienced user might not pick up a cannabis vaporizer so easily. That’s where Dosist comes in. With their bespoke vaporizers that utilize unique heating elements, crafted from the ground up for cannabis use, they target the specific compounds you’re looking to enjoy with pinpoint accuracy. Dosist controls for potency, power, and intake duration to guarantee that you’re getting a consistent experience, every single time. Not a lot of cannabis vapes can make that same claim, considering their primary design point is their interchangeability. On top of this, Dosist has among the most professional, discreet packaging you could ask for. For making it easier for evergreen users to experience vaporizing, and for putting in the amount of work and research that they did for a consistent experience, Dosist is easily one of our favorite brands.


Royal Garden Society’s BREEZ have angled themselves as one of the best do-it-all brands in the Los Angeles dispensary market. With innovative sprays and delicious mints, they offer one of the absolute widest varieties of flavors, potencies, and cannabinoid profiles. The only constant they offer across such a diverse line of products is slick, luxurious packaging that will definitely have you coming back for more. The best part about BREEZ, though? They sell singles. Want to treat your family coming to town? Want to make a quick stop on your way home from work? They’re available for as low as a buck from dispensaries in Melrose, which truly makes them the people’s edible. Delicious flavors, bold variety (they have a cannibinol spray for goodness sake), and breaking down barriers to access for average folks makes BREEZ a brand to watch.


Mary’s Medicinals is by no means a newcomer to the cannabis game. They’ve been winning cannabis industry accolades for half a decade now, with Cannabis Cup wins under their belt as well as a number of Cannabis Business Awards. Their continued commitment to product quality demonstrates they have utterly no intention of slowing down, with every batch of Mary’s products boasting even greater bioavailability than before (which leads to more THC absorption) and their proprietary transdermal applications continuing to set an industry standard in consistency and accuracy. When it comes to cannabis topicals, Mary’s strives for the best and it’s hard to say they don’t achieve that goal. And, as one of our favorites of 2019, it goes without saying that Mary’s is available in a massive range of potencies and cannabinoid profiles.

Blue River Terps

Despite their name, Blue River Terps isn’t so easily shoehorned into one discrete field of cannabis distillation. They’ve got their fingers in a lot of pots with rosin, live resin, torrone, and their signature “flan” consistency, demonstrating the degree of respect that Blue River holds for the science and art of concentrate production. They take a truly classic farm-to-table ethos and utterly elevate it into one of the single most luxurious, satisfying experiences. Their artesian concentrates are entirely devoid of solvents and chemical additives, and generally contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids (although they’ve also been known to mechanically isolate THC-A). What truly makes Blue River stand out amongst a crowd of concentrate producers, however, is how they pair their “sauce” products with their more solid-state concentrates, like a sommelier would pair your luxurious dinner with a perfect wine.

Care By Design

If you need CBD in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California – they’re sold as far North as Redding, but are mostly in the Melrose and Studio City areas – then one brand wants to help you out. Care By Design, the enviable owners of the domain, has an expansive swathe of products all aimed at the rising star of cannabinoids, cannabidiol (or CBD for short). They offer products with CBD:THC ratios ranging from 1:1 to 18:1, and it’s not just tinctures. You have your familiar sublingual drops, but also vape cartridges, softgels, and topical creams. Softgels as an option are always impressive; to me, it shows a brand cares about the demographics who just want to add something helpful to their pill regimen, or even replace parts of it, rather than go the easy route and just make another gummy. Care By Design’s name says it all, really, and that’s what makes them a brand to look out for.

Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms doesn’t just talk the talk with tempestuous strains like Hades OG and Rocket Fuel, they really walk the walk. They’re a truly respectable brand that gives back to their community with a “give back” initiative aimed at ending child hunger. They offer licensed 3rd-party PAX Era pods with laudable potency, a branded 510-compatible vape line known as the Highlighter (get it?), and a refreshing spin on cannabis flower and tinctures. Their Oracle flower, as with their other strains such as Three Kings and Lemon Cake, has a pedigree which truly justifies the title of “ultra-premium”. When you’re in the Melrose area, keep an eye out for Bloom Farms. You’ll walk out knowing you’re supporting something worth it.


Everybody loves making a statement, and Island prerolls has become the first and last word in such. Their slick packaging looks like it was designed for a Wes Anderson movie, and their variety of pre-rolled joints will have you set for any occasion. They have CBD varietals, multi-packs, and even little snubnose joints that are perfect for keeping all to yourself (or sharing several among friends). With pre-rolls weighed at .5 grams, .7 grams, and .75 grams, they strike us as just the right size; you’re never wasting one bit of this movie experience. The branding, product design, and just cool retro packaging alone makes Island worth paying attention to; but don’t worry, they also have classic cannabis flower and PAX Era pods, if that’s more your style.

Sweet Flower Brand

While you browse our retail locations make sure to check out some of Sweet Flower’s inhouse cannabis flower strains. All of our strains our lab tested and is top notch quality. Whether you’re looking for a sativa, hybrid or indica we have you covered with premium lab tested cannabis flower.

That’s it for our list of our Favorite Cannabis Brands of 2019, but that’s not the last word. What’s your favorite cannabis brand? Anything you feel should’ve been included on the list? Think you know the best dispensaries in Los Angeles, and they carry all of this? Let us know! Stop by our Arts District DTLA dispensary or order cannabis delivery online from our Melrose or Studio City locations. 


Our Favorite Cannabis Brands of 2019
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Our Favorite Cannabis Brands of 2019
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