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Maui OG

Maui OG

Aster Farms5 Pack Pre RollSativa


Maui OG, an Aster proprietary strain, is a hybrid cross between OG Kush and Maui Wowie. It has an incredible nose with super tropical notes of pineapple and mango mixed with a little gas. The smooth euphoria of smoking is hard to beat. We love it for relieving stress and getting creative. Each pack comes with 5 x 0.71g joints to make sure you get a full 1/8th. A custom, fully- recyclable, pocket-sized tin keeps them ready for any adventure (no mylar needed).
Honey Flower - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Lava Flower (Sativa) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Mountain Shadows - 1.5g Mini Pre-Roll Pack
Night Sky (Indica) - 1.5g Mini Pre-Roll Pack
Night Sky (Indica) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Sunbeam (Sativa) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Sweet Flower - 1.5g Mini Pre-Roll Pack
Woods (Sativa) - 1.5g Mini Pre-Roll Pack
Woods (Sativa) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Garden Grove [.5g]
Stress Melt [10pk]
Chem Dawg [.5g]
Horchata [.5g]
Legend OG [.5g]
Platinum OG [.5g]
Strawberry Haze [.5g]
Wedding Cake [.5g]

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