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MAC (3.5G)

Ember ValleyHybrid


It doesn’t get any better than MAC, this beautiful Hybrid is Ember Valley’s golden child. MAC has a unique bud structure and a flavor similar to fruity, sweet cereal. This strain was bred by Capulator using a Colombian landrace and only given to a handful of lucky cultivators, ourselves included. This exquisite flower delights the taste buds and perfectly complements almost any activity (or lack thereof). - Effects: Euphoric, Creative, Elastic Nose: Tangerine, Diesel, Pine Taste: Tropical, Cream, Gas

Black Roze
Garlic Cocktail #7Stock photo
Grease Bucket
Jackson Heightz
Randy Watson
White Tahoe Cookies
Ztan Lee
Alpine Sunrise (Sativa) - 3.5g
Caramel Apple (Hybrid) - 3.5g
Garlic Blossom (Hybrid) - 3.5g
Lava Flower
Lava Flower (3.5G)
A Golden State
Moonbeam (Indica) - 3.5g
Mountain Shadows (Hybrid) - 3.5g
Night Sky
Night Sky (3.5G)
A Golden State
Snow Dream (Indica) - 3.5g
Woods (3.5G)
A Golden State
Neutron Cookies
Party Parrot
Puff Puff Pastry
Sherbert Haze

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