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Cypress OG

Cypress OG (1G)

Flavor ExtractsNot Specified


Flavor Concentrates is the answer to what concentrates enthusiasts have been looking for: the perfect balance between quality and well, flavor! With an evolving menu of unique strains and textures, our team is proud to share the fruits of our labor with flavor-chasers everywhere. From crumble, to shatter, live resin and beyond, we invite you to join us in experiencing something different, something new each time you open our jar. Join us in Flavor Country! Crumble entices new users with its user-friendly texture and its ease of use: sprinkle over a joint or enjoy on its own.

Black Mamba #6
Blueberry Haze
Faux Fauna F2 #5
Gak Smoovie #5
Grease Monkey #15
Hot Lixz #10
Lunar Z
Lunar Z (1G)
710 Labs
Moonbow 112 #8 + Z Cubed #5
Odder Popz #17
Papaya (1G)
710 Labs
Randy Watzon #13
Rick Jamez #3
Sour Tangie
Upside Down Frown #15
Waffle House #7
Zeven Up #8
Zeven Up #8
Dirty Z
Dirty Z (1G)
Farmer's Reserve Gmochi

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