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Tropicanna Cookies [1.2g]

Tropicanna Cookies [1.2g] (each - 1.2g )

Ganja GoldNot Specified


Our Signature Blue Tarantulas are our version of the KING. Made with 1 gram of top shelf indoor flower. Painted with 90%+ distillate. Coated in house made kief matching the strain of flower.

Honey Flower - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Sunbeam (Sativa) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Woods (Sativa) - 1.5g Mini Pre-Roll Pack
Woods (Sativa) - 1g Single Pre-Roll
Garden Grove [.5g]
Stress Melt [10pk]
Horchata [.5g]
Legend OG [.5g]
Platinum OG [.5g]
Strawberry Haze [.5g]

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