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High CBD (1G)

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A popular option is to apply oil into a chocolate chip and place in cheek, this will help mask the full flavor of the cannabis extract while still allowing sublingual or oral absorption. Another popular option is to dispense RSO onto a banana and swallow. DO NOT forcefully push down the plunger, or squirt the medicine directly into mouth, or you might get much more than intended.

Black Mamba #6
Blueberry Haze
Faux Fauna F2 #5
Gak Smoovie #5
Grease Monkey #15
Hot Lixz #10
Lunar Z
Lunar Z (1G)
710 Labs
Moonbow 112 #8 + Z Cubed #5
Odder Popz #17
Papaya (1G)
710 Labs
Randy Watzon #13
Rick Jamez #3
Sour Tangie
Upside Down Frown #15
Waffle House #7
Zeven Up #8
Zeven Up #8
Dirty Z
Dirty Z (1G)
Farmer's Reserve Gmochi

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