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1:20 THC-Forward [30ml]

1:20 THC-Forward [30ml]

Seaweed NaturalsTinctureNot Specified


Uplifting and fun is the name of the game. SeaWeed Naturals’ THC-forward tincture combines cannabinoids, seaweed and Omega-3s to aid with digestion, anxiety, nausea, and aches and pains.
Use it under your tongue or in your tea or juice and our tincture will soothe both the body and the mind and wash away your worries.
All of our products combine cannabis with the scientifically proven benefits of seaweed and DHA Omega-3 amino acids which improve the health of your skin, organs, bones, joints, and crucially - your brain; as well as combat inflammation, and fight depression and anxiety.

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