The Cannabis Bar

A sophisticated experience tailor-made to surprise and delight your guests.


Pantry Confections

Pantry will craft a custom elevated food experience tailored to your guests desires. Our Functional Nutrition Coach & Cannabis Expert brings a wealth of knowledge, and nearly a decade of dosing experience, to thoughtfully guide each guest between a selection of low-dose vegan, low sugar, gluten-free and all natural options. Lightly infused with a balance of sativa and indica, Pantry helps consumers find a wellness experience and a positive association to create new memories. Our holistic products are created with only the highest quality ingredients offering something for everyone on your guest list. Additionally, our cannabis trained chefs can infuse any meal to your desire. Please inquire.

Drew Martin Botanical Blends

Drew Martin will create bespoke pre-rolls for your guests to their specification. Using his wealth of knowledge about cannabis and herbal medicine, Drew will help guests select sativa or indica cannabis for desired effect and help them select one of his carefully crafted botanical blends for an exquisite sensory experience. Finally, he will tailor the strength of the pre-roll to each guest’s wishes to achieve the perfect high for the setting.

Artet Cocktails

Artet cannabis-mixologists will create elegant cannabis cocktails for your guests using Artet’s unique blend of botanicals, herbs, and spices as the foundation. Inspired by Italian aperitivo culture, our cocktails are meant to open the mind, mood and palate to more social and epicurean delights. Our low-dose serving size provides flexibility and control for guests to enjoy cannabis aperitivos tailored to their preferred strength and pour. Cheers!

El Blunto

Historic cigar-making tradition and cannabis connoisseurship coalesce to bring you The World’s Finest Cannabis Cigar.  This top-shelf, high-testing and full-flower cigar is made for those with impeccable taste and aesthetic.


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