Designed for quick absorption, tinctures are liquid herbal extracts that can be mixed into food or teas or placed directly beneath the tongue.


Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts typically taken by using a dropper and placing the liquid underneath your tongue. They can also be mixed into food or teas.

The ratio rationale.

A tincture’s CBD:THC ratio indicates how much of each compound is in the product. So, a tincture with the ratio 18:1 contains 18 parts CBD to 1 part THC, whereas, 1:1 means it contains equal parts of both.

A quick refresher on THC vs. CBD.

A splendid sunny afternoon or an idling mellow morning? Different cannabis strains tend to produce distinct effects.


For energy and excitement, snag a Sativa. To tune out and turn off, try an Indica. For a balanced high, have a hybrid.

If you don’t want to get high and just need some anxiety or pain relief, try a CBD.


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