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Oh high,
Sweet Flower.


Located throughout California, we’re focused on creating mindful retail destinations you love.

  • Local Everywhere

    Sweet Flower is locally owned and operated at each of our locations across California. Our teams are 100% local.

  • Give Back

    We have donated over $250,000 to over two dozen local charities across California – focused on food insecurity, under housing and social justice.

  • Do the Work

    We provide our team with paid volunteer hours to help charities in the communities we serve. We serve on boards, act as mentors for social equity and give time and money to the communities we serve.

  • Represent!

    We hold space and provide voice for LGBTQ+, minority, female and legacy founded brands. ⅔ of our shelf space is reserved for these founders. We have never charged a shelving fee for products, and never will.

  • Diversity is Strength

    We celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our team is over 80% diverse across our stores. We reflect the communities we serve in the hiring, development, and enrichment of our team.

  • Fairness Always

    We are a best-in-class employer, treating our team fairly and with respect. We are one of the largest cannabis retailers in Southern California to have ratified a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the UFCW-770 to ensure the wellbeing and success of our team.

  • California First

    We operate only in our home state of California. We care deeply about our communities and building a local cannabis culture that is inclusive, approachable, and responsible.

  • Integrity & Compliance

    We are an open book, operating responsibly and compliantly since 2018. We do what we say, and say what we will do. We have a 100% compliance record with all state and local laws and have operated without complaint, issue, or concern since our inception.