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Chem Dawg [.5g]

Chem Dawg [.5g]

Almora5 Pack Hash Infused PrerollsSativa


Committed to sourcing only the best nature has to offer, Almora’s Hash Infused Prerolls are designed for those craving more. This 5-pack of 1/2G prerolls is made using only sun-grown whole flower from our California farms and infused with solventless first-wash ice water hash to maintain quality and purity. This results in a truly authentic cannabis experience that is true to the plant. Enjoy Almora’s grower’s joint and experience the plant’s natural high-quality potency and flavors.
The origins of Chemdawg have always been subject to scrutiny and debate, but the flavor and effects of this well-known hybrid leave no questions. Expect a heavy-bodied and VERY potent high that hits hard and hits fast, great for chatting with friends on a lazy afternoon. Chemdawg has a fuel-y, earthy aroma and flavor profile, but after a deep breath you probably won’t be paying attention to the taste too much.
Strain Type: Sativa
Taste Profile: Earthy, Fuel, Chemical
Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Thoughtful
Lineage: Exact origins unknown
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