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Gastro Pop Infused Pre-Roll 2 Pack [.5G]

Gastro Pop Infused Pre-Roll 2 Pack [.5G]

Ember ValleyTHCa Pre-Roll 2-PackIndica


Compound Genetics - (Apples and bananas x Grape Gas) - Indica Dominant Terpenes - 1. Myrcene 2. Caryophyllene 3. Limonene
Gastro pop has light green nugs accented with purple leaves and orange stigmas(‘hair’). The smell is as attractive as the buds; you get the aroma of a fresh fruit cup mixed with a heavy grape scented, berry fuel. If purple had a smell this would remind you of it. On the inhale you taste sweet, citrusy grape flavor and are reminded of the grape gas DNA. The smoke is a smooth floral mix and the trichome rich nugs create a thick resin ring. You will find gastro pop has calming, relaxing, and euphoric effects that work great for anxiety, and insomnia.
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Caramel Apple (Hybrid) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Caramel Apple (Hybrid) - 1g Pre-Roll
Garlic Blossom (Hybrid) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Lava Flower (Sativa) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Lava Flower (Sativa) - 1g Pre-Roll
Moonbeam (Indica) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Mountain Shadows - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Mountain Shadows - 1g Pre-Roll
Night Sky (Indica) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Night Sky (Indica) - 1g Pre-Roll
Snow Dream (Indica) - 1g Pre-Roll
Woods (Sativa) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
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