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Ultra-Low Variable Temp Battery - Green

Ultra-Low Variable Temp Battery - Green

HalaraPortable VaporizerNot Specified


This ultra-low, variable temp battery was engineered for the best possible experience with all Halara products.
It features an extra-long battery life that is 2x longer than the industry standard.
We recommend charging your battery for no more than 2 hours at a time, and recommend you use chargers with power around 5V to charge the battery.
Variable Battery & ChargerStock photo
PROMO - Juice BatteryStock photo
April Rolling Tray - MapleStock photo
Humidor Box
Glass Banana Pipe
Glass Banana Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
JUSTICE (each)
Gabe Gault
Spherical - AmberStock photo
Spherical - Light CobaltStock photo
Original [2pk]

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