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PR OG [.5g]

PR OG [.5g]

Pacific Stone14 Pack Pre RollIndica


PR (Private Reserve) OG is a cannabis strain with a rich history, distinctive effects, and notable scientific properties. The strain is a cross between OG Kush and Puerto Rican Landrace, and it is known for its potent psychoactive effects, calming and euphoric qualities, and diverse terpene profile. PR OG typically boasts a higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level, ranging from 20% to 25%, contributing to its potent effects. The strain's relaxing and euphoric qualities make it popular among recreational users seeking a rich and enjoyable experience.
Not your typical pre-roll. Pacific Stone Premium Pre-rolls are carefully packed with our premium 100% greenhouse flower, no shake or trim, giving each pre-roll a consistent smoking experience. Pacific Stone has various strains that are perfect for any time of the day and are great for igniting with friends. We only sell what our Pac Stone team grows and cures to bring you farm-direct California cannabis at an affordable price.
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Tupac Pure Kush #1 [1g]
Zkyscraperz #2
Caramel Apple (Hybrid) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Caramel Apple (Hybrid) - 1g Pre-Roll
Garlic Blossom (Hybrid) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Lava Flower (Sativa) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Lava Flower (Sativa) - 1g Pre-Roll
Moonbeam (Indica) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Mountain Shadows - 1g Pre-Roll
Night Sky (Indica) - (0.3g x 5 Mini Pre-Roll Pack)
Night Sky (Indica) - 1g Pre-Roll
Snow Dream (Indica) - 1g Pre-Roll
Woods (Sativa) - 1.5g Pre-Rolls
Woods (Sativa) - 1g Pre-Roll
Garden Grove [7g 10pk]
Pink Kush [7g 10pk]
Serenity Now [7g 10pk]
Chocolatina [.5g]
Fatso [.5g]

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