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LuvBuds 3.5" Swirl Pipe

LuvBuds 3.5" Swirl Pipe

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Looking for a smoking experience that will get you absolutely twisted! Look no further than these hand blown Double Glass Swirl Hand Pipes! Each piece is carefully crafted with heat-resistant, rugged glass in vibrant colors that'll leave you seeing double. And at just 3.5" inches, these pipes are easy to conceal - perfect for on-the-go toking. With their unique swirl designs and solid colors, you're in for a whirlwind smoking experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bunch of these assorted beauties today and get ready to take your smoking game to infinity and beyond!
Variable Battery & ChargerStock photo
PROMO - Juice BatteryStock photo
April Rolling Tray - MapleStock photo
Humidor Box
Glass Banana Pipe
Glass Banana Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
JUSTICE (each)
Gabe Gault
Spherical - AmberStock photo
Spherical - Light CobaltStock photo
Original [2pk]

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