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Series 1 - Gold

Series 1 - Gold

OmuraFlower VaporizerNot Specified


The most convenient Heat-Not-Burn device.
Omura offers a new approach to Heat-Not-Burn technology by giving consumers the ability to enjoy their whole flower via pre-filled, dosed, flower sticks. The result? No cleaning, no grinding, and no packing. Simply insert, and go.
Today, Omura works alongside some of California’s most prominent cultivators, each of which have met our Flower Brand Standards to ensure you get the cleanest and best experience possible.
Pod Battery (White)
Variable Battery & ChargerStock photo
April Rolling Tray - MapleStock photo
dose controller
Humidor Box
Glass Banana Pipe
Glass Banana Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe
Glass Jumbo Grape Pipe (each)
Flower by Edie Parker
JUSTICE (each)
Gabe Gault
Spherical - AmberStock photo
Spherical - Light CobaltStock photo
Spherical - SmokeStock photo

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